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Every company and organisation, no matter how large or small, relies on its reputation for survival. A good reputation will help you if bad things happen. That is why you need positive Public Relations.

In today’s highly competitive market, a good reputation can be a company’s biggest asset and the element that makes you stand out from the crowd – and gives you that competitive edge.

Effective Public Relations will underpin all your other Marketing and Sales activities and ensure that your target  audiences hear the messages that you want them to. If you do not control your image others will do it for you – and you may not like the result!

At Cerco Communications we want people talking about our clients. We help our clients get their name in both national and local printed press, on the radio and in the ever changing world of social media.

Whether you are looking for help putting together an urgent or time sensitive press release to send out to the media or need someone to identify and contact the key people in your market Cerco Communications will work with you to develop a PR strategy that will ensure maximise return on your investment.

Our experience includes product and new store launches, event PR and ongoing awareness campaigns.

In today’s multi-media world we don’t just target traditional press we also include digital media and the growing world of bloggers, tweeters, Facebook followers, YouTube subscribers and we are experts at harnessing the increasing popularity of LinkedIn groups and networks.

If you need a cost-effective media agency call us today on 01727 847407 or email us at

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